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You have the opportunity to join millions of satisfied customers and independent business owners around the world who have enjoyed the benefits of consuming and using the world's finest quality concentrated herbal foods and teas, healthy-living, skin-care and beauty products for over 26 years.

As a Sunrider Independent Business Owner, I have been eating and using their wonderful products for the past eight years. In those eight years, with the help of Sunrider concentrated, nutrient-dense products, making healthy eating choices, and purposeful exercise, I have lost weight and I FEEL GREAT! I have more energy, my mood is constant and upbeat. As I near my 50th birthday my skin is beautiful and youthful, and I have a renewed zest for life in general. I can't stop thanking my friend and sponsor (a licensed acupuncturist and Sunrider Independent Business Owner for 20 years) for introducing me to this incredible company.

Here's Why!
Using only superior ingredients from around the world, the products are researched, developed and exclusively formulated based on the Philosophy of Regeneration (the right combination of food to nourish and cleanse the body help keep the five systems of the body in balance) and owners' expertise (a wonderful husband-wife team: he a world renowned herbalist and pharmacist, and she a licensed medical doctor).

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To order products as a Club Member or became an Independent Business Owner, you must have a sponsor. As your sponsor, I will give you the support and mentoring you need. To get started, go to my official Sunrider Independent Business Owner website. Simply paste the URL below into your browser:


Click on "Join Now" and select either Club Member or Distributor to get started on your journey to acheiving vitality and a lifestyle you love.

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