Purchase products at the Sunrider Sales Price - a significant discount off the retail price (save approximately 20%) when you join as a Club Member for $30.

Accumulate $200 in purchases from Sunrider (not including shipping and taxes) within your first six months, pay a $10 registration fee, complete an IBO application, and you can start taking advantage of Sunrider's Compensation Plan. (Note: you can reach the $200 mark all on your own purchases, OR share the benefits of Sunrider's exclusive products with your friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors and get to the $200 mark sooner and be able to start earning money on your purchases. When your group purchases an additional $500 in products, you are eligible to purchase the products at an additional 20% off of retail - for a total savings of 40%! By sharing Sunrider's products with a few other, at the very least, it should allow you to get your products for FREE. Ask me how.

Convenience - Your Club Member ID number enables you to order directly from the company 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week online. Or, you can phone your order in and speak to a live person during normal business hours.

On-going Product Education - In addition, you will receive a monthly newsletter from your sponsor (that's me) with product info, news, and success stories about other happy consumers.

Personal Mentor/Coach - And finally, I will answer any product & business questions you might have via email or telephone.
Sunrider Independent Business Owner
Niskayuna, NY
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The easiest way to become a Club Member and order Sunrider products immediately is to go to my official Sunrider Independent Business Owner. Tag the URL below and paste into your browser:


Next, click on "Join Now" on the left column, and "Club Member" or "Customer." After entering in all your information, my sponsor info is automatically provided on the following page. Complete the application and congratulations - you've just joined my Sunrider family!

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