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Niskayuna, NY
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  Interested in buying Sunrider herbal products?
You've come to the right place! Sunrider offers exclusive products that you can't find anywhere else. In order to purchase products, you need to join as a Sunrider Independent Business Owner or Club Member with a sponsor (that's me)! This allows you to order your favorite products directly from the company at a substantial savings off of retail.

For more information about Sunrider and my experience, please check out my Sunrider Distributor website. Paste the URL below into your browser: http://opp.Sunrider.com/CindyScott

There are two different ways to join Sunrider & Save:

Indendepent Business Owner - Are you serious about earning money simply and easily, while creating a life you love? Complete an IBO agreement and purchase a Starter Pack if you are brand new - or you can upgrade from a Club Member. Become a Sunrider Independent Business Owner to take advantage of the all the income available. The Sunrider Opportunity provides you with a simple, easy way to start a thriving business. Generous rewards include dream homes, luxury cars, exotic vacations. You’ll also receive the best prices on Sunrider's award-winning products. Purchase a Starter Pack for only (US$140), and you can become a Sunrider Independent Business Owner today!

Training, support, and mentoring from your sponsor (that's me) is included to help you get off to the best possible start and design a program that fits your lifestyle and time constraints. As an Independent Business Owner, you can earn up to 58.5% of World Sales Volume.

Club Member - Not ready to become a Business Owner - as a Club Member, for only a $30 member fee, you can buy products at the Sunrider Sales Price - a discount of approximately 20% off the suggested retail price. In addition, once you see and experience the value of the products, you can become an IBO by accumulating $200 in purchases within your first six months, paying a $10 registration fee and completing an IBO application. Don't want to wait 6 months to upgrade to IBO? Simply make a one-time purchase of $200, pay the registration fee & complete the IBO Agreement - then you're off and running saving more money on products and earning extra income.

Customer - There is no cost to become a Sunrider Customer. You simply need to be at least 18 years old and complete the online registration form. You may purchase products at the Sunrider Retail Price.

  Step 1. Go to my official Sunrider Distributor website at: http://opp.Sunrider.com/CindyScott

Step 2
. Click on "Join Now" on the left side and either Independent Business Owner, Club Member or Customer. This takes you directly to page one of the applications.

Step 3. Complete the form on-line (note: all my sponsor info is automatically provided). Congratulations, you may now place your order. Simply click on "Shop Online" and you're ready eat and drink healthy.

Step 4. If you have questions about the products, please feel free to contact me.

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